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RTI Activist Attacked in Shirur,Pune….Call Of The Hour Approve & Implement The Whistle Blowers Bill.

4 April 2011 No Comment

An RTI Activist Vijay Kusekar from Shirur, Pune was recently attacked for asking information under RTI for the government schemes on the rehabilitation of slums in Indira Avas Gharkul Yogana and Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Niwara Yogana.

As being repeated by all the Activist’s over and over again, Not to disclose details of the Applicants, its not happening , Again in this case a ploy seems to have been played by the concerned officials , they disclosed Vijay’s details, which led to a attack on him.

Its more shocking to hear that even after Vijay filed a formal complaint against his attackers they were released the same day !!

Where is the Committee which was supposed to be looking after such complaints, It is true that every RTI Activist cant be given protection by the Police, but if the guilty are brought to their notice atleast they should not be let off, as this creates a feeling which already prevails in the minds of every Corrupt Individual that the law will not be able to do much to contain them.

Again its the Whistle Blowers bill which is the need of the hour, It has been already tabled in the Parliament, but in howmuch time and how successful it will be to prevent attacks on the Activist’s is need to be seen.

But till then RTI Activist’s are on their own, they take up the cause and fight for the rights of others, but in return instead of appreciation they get attacked. So a word of caution again, friends, do standup and dare to speak out but take cover by not revealing your actual identity or address file your RTI Applications under a Group name and also put it on Public domain that you have demanded documents under RTI pertaining to which subject, this will immediately reduce the chances of threats and attacks, for more tips read the article published earlier,  in which RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao has jotted out details which you need to follow, to remove the threat perception on you.

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