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RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal And Retired Judge Hegde…Will They Be Targetted Next ? After Bhushans And Anna Hazare !!

22 April 2011 14 Comments

RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal and Retd Supreme Court Judge Santosh Hegde are the only ones left to be tainted with some kind of allegations to complete the tainted list of panelist on the Jan Lokpal bill drafting panel. This is after the main crusader Anna Hazare, who is now being tried to be implicated in to a case as to prove him corrupt after the Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan CD row.

A pune based NGO President has filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court for removing Anna Hazare from the Jan Lokpal Bill drafting panel, this is on the basis that  misappropriation of funds had occurred during the celebration of Hazare’s birthday at his village Ralegaon-Siddhi in Maharashtra An inquiry was held by Justice Sawant who in his report submitted in 2005, held Hazare guilty of misappropriating Rs 2 lakh from the Hind Swaraj Trust which amounted to corruption, Justice Sawant had held. “The inquiry was held by a commission headed by Justice Sawant which after detailed inquiry submitted its report in 2005 saying that Hazare was indeed guilty of corrupt practices (involving misadministration of one of his trusts),” the petition states.

Well as we had expected in our last article that Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal will be on the hit list next for getting targeted, so as to get them out of the panel on moral grounds by proving them corrupt and bringing their image down in front of the entire country by proving that even the crusaders are corrupt, so they have no right to have a say in drafting of a anti-corruption law in form of Jan Lokpal Bill.

If we look at the sequence of happenings this all started after Anna Hazare named Sharad Powar as the most corrupt politician in Maharashtra, due to which Pawar immediately resigned from the Group of Ministers in which he was supposed to be part of the Jan Lokpal Bill drafting panel and immediately after his resignation the smearing campaign started. First it was the Bhushans and now it is Anna Hazare. If we refer a 2004 news of times of India : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2004-06-22/pune/27151085_1_hst-anna-hazare-p-b-sawant-commission , it states ”

A chartered accountant, hired by Maharashtra food minister Suresh Jain, to inspect the accounts of trusts headed by noted social crusader Anna Hazare, on Monday told the P B Sawant commission that Hazare’s Hind Swaraj Trust diverted Rs 10 lakh from the ‘model village’ scheme grant given by the state government in 1995-96. The commission has started probing charges of corruption made by Jain against the anti-graft crusader.

The charges of corruption leveled by Hazare against Jain will be taken up later.

Chartered accountant Vijay Kataria, who deposed before the commission, said that the HST received Rs 65.85 lakh from the state government and another Rs 49.28 lakh for the ‘model village’ scheme “.

But if you refer the report on rediff news http://www.rediff.com/news/report/how-congress-plans-to-suppress-anna-and-his-team/20110420.htm , Justice Sawant has nowhere indicted Anna for personal corruption but Congress is pushing forward ‘irregularities’ of the managers of the trusts as the ‘corruption of Anna Hazare “.

As our politician say ” No one is guilty till proven guilty in the Court of Law ” the same applies for Anna Hazare too ..so even if the Politicians have been able to divert the attention of people they cannot change the facts that its just a smearing campaign which has been started against the peoples representatives of the Jan Lokpal bill drafting Committee to malign their image and get them out from there, so as to avoid getting a stringent law in place which can curb and punish their Corrupt practices, Now the Congress and Sharad Pawar will have to re-think of some other tactics to malign the image of Anna Hazare.

Already due to the smearing campaign Retired Justice of Supreme court Santosh Hegde is making his mind to quit the panel. So the tactics of the Congress party along with its bunch of Corrupt Ministers  seem to be working by creating a feeling in the minds of the Peoples representatives ” Either you quit or we will force you to quit by pushing on charges of Corruption and giving you a taste of your own fruit which you are trying to make us eat “ even if they are false they are enough to sulk and tarnish the  image of the Peoples representatives in front of the entire country but which looks difficult in wake of these evidences.


  • Amit said:

    We are with you and support RTI movement anytime anywhere………

  • Munna Giri said:

    Go ahead we all are with u to save our INDIA from the corrupted minister.

  • B S Rawat said:

    the whole team of social activists under ANNA, for Lokpal Bill, are going great.

    I also want to be an RTI activist at Delhi. Can I get the contact numbers of RTI activists in Delhi whom I get in touch with to take my work forward.

    BS Rawat

  • Shibbu Arya said:

    Vandematram Bhai sab,

    We are with you and your all Activities with anna hajare and lokpal bill & india angest curption.
    me aapke sath kam karna chahta hu. filhal MLA mathura ke office me kam karta hu, and last 5 year swamy Ramdev ji, Bharat Swabhiman ka vishisth sadsya hu. official work, hindi typing, drafting etc.
    (shibbu Arya)
    3-AB, Krishna Nagar, Mathura.

  • Ramesh Gupta said:

    Dear Sir,

    There is reputed Govt. Engineering Institute where high post officers are operating a big cartel of contractors for corrupt practices. I want to expose them. Pl. help some one to go ahead and guide how to expose them in the interest of the nation

  • K.P.JAJODIA said:

    I want to be an RTI activist, so, please guide to me that what to do?

  • vinay said:

    Good work bhai sb -may god give you more courage to fight with these bloody net’s & corrept system – jootoo se har jagah mara jai.

    Further request that if put a coloum about the method of filing RTI in the easiest possible way ( a lay man can understand) becouse most of the people don’t know how to proceed in this regard.
    tx & regards

  • ram said:

    After all we are not fighting with britishers its our govt so if the Govt thinks the stand taken by them is right and there intentions are right and to top it all there claim to be Mahatma gandhis ideological supporters then they should sit on satyagraha against the civil society and ramdevs demand who ever looses the battle will withdraw there claim this would be the most gandhian non violent and peaceful solution i am sure civil society will win because uske saath khuda hota hai jo sach ke liye ladta hai

  • namninder said:

    i just want to know that dhara 144 is only for normal citizens not for politicians or their family members because when rahul gandhi went to uttar pradesh dhara 144 was there then why didnt they stopped rahul to enter there & to do kishan mahapanchayat & also how many people will go for flag march on 15th august

  • satya mohanty said:

    you fight with corrupt persons not for personal gain but for country god wiil be with you

  • Arijit Bhattacharya said:

    Sharad Powar is the most corrupt politicians in India. There are several others. There are even “criminal” politicians. Lalu Prasad Yadav is also corrupt. Judges are corrupt. Judges take bribes in many forms. One popular form is:
    Judges ask the bribe giver to come to a club where gambling is legally tenable once tax is paid. The Judge plays cards with the bribe giver and the bribe giver loses money (got up game) and the bribe is paid in front of many people in the club. Tax is also paid by the bribe giver. The money that Judge takes is completely a white money. See the loophole of Indian Acts and Rules! These laws contain colonial framework.

    The Indian Patent Office is a corrupt organisation. I had worked in that organisation for 8.5 years as senior officer. A very strong coterie, with a good nexus with the people in the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, misappropriate funds in many forms and they take favours from advocates, i.e., patent agents.

    Indian Patent Agents, my humble request to you not to give a single gift to the staffs, officers, minister of this office and department. Please inform if a single favour/money is sought by any person in that office. Please help the citizens and next generation to have a corruption-free country.

  • chander singh kataria said:

    Chander Singh Kataria Delhi said:
    Vandematram Bhai sab,

    We are with you and your all Activities with anna hajare and lokpal bill & india angest curption. me aapke sath kam karna chahta hu. filhal Trading company mein bator accountant professional pad per kam karta hu, and last 5 year se RTI dwara bharastachar ke khilap RTI ke madhyam se bharstachariyo ki pol khol raha hum ji. jis hamara MLA Counceller flood control delhi ke officer naraaj haim. kyoki haram ka khane ko nahim mil raha hai. yadi khayem to pol khul jayegi

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