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RTI Activist Arvind Kejrival Lashes Out On Congress Spokes Person Singhvi’s Statement “Anna Hazare being Instigated “

5 April 2011 No Comment

This is what happens when you follow Gandhian Values, the same party which terms itself a strong believer of Mahatma Gandhi, its spokes person, Abhishek Manu Singhvi states that Anna Hazare has been instigated, well this is what was expected already from the political parties, they have made a cameo out of it stating this and shown howmuch un willingness prevails among them for not including Public partnership, in just Drafting of the Jan Lokpal Bill, to strengthen it.

There are various activists along with the common man who have pledged their support to this cause,  RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has reacted to this strongly stating its ” Nonsense and its a allegation on the credibility of Anna Hazare”. Anna Hazare had demanded participation in drafting of the bill before it is finalized not implemented, but even that is not acceptable to the Government, why ? because India Against Corruption campaign wants stringent laws to be implemented which include life imprisionment and confiscating the entire properties of the Corrupt.

Its surprising that the NAC(National Advisory Council) which is headed by Congress Leader, Sonia Gandhi has rejected the draft of the LOKPAL BILL, presented to it, Our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh states he supports the thinking of Anna Hazare and on the other hand Abhishek Manu Singhvi raises question marks on the Credibility of Anna Hazare…..Isn’t this a political Tamasha, where in the members within the same Political party are sending out different signals to the people and sharing out different views.

The Lokpal bill will have to be drafted with the consent of the NGO’s as Dr.Kiran Bedi rightly said” If our Prime Minister wants Public Private Partnership in Business where money is generated, why cant he accept Public partnership in just drafting of the Bill which is meant and will be enacted for the benefit of erasing Corruption”. Its not that the bill is being inacted right now, it will be placed in the parliament itself, what is the worry for the Political leadership of the country which refuses to budge from their stand of not accepting the partnership, let them come out and clearly state the reasons, As the people in this country have now become aware of the POLITICAL TAMASHA, which is being played with them .

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