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Right To Recall Or Right To Reject, Needs to Be Implemented.

30 August 2011 No Comment

Right to recall, Anna Hazare made this statement at Ramlila Maidan but was this the first time this term was used ? what do we mean by Right to Recall ?

Right To Recall : According to General Clause Act, 1897, power to make the appointment shall also have power to suspend or dismiss any person appointed. Recalling is the right or procedure by which a public official may be removed from a position by a vote of the people prior to the end of the term of office. Recall is the retiring of an elected officer by a vote of the electorate.

But how far has this gone down well with our MP’s ( Members of Parliament) ? well actually there have been no takers for this, most of them termed it as impractical, but is it actually impractical ? No !! why ? the election process is done by a mandate so if a elected representative is felt in efficient by the public or the voter he should definetly have the “Right to Recall“, if we check the records howmany Members of Parliament have done something concrete for their constituencies….. Unhealthy conditions in the constituencies still prevail , problems of people who were given assurances by MP’s before election are rarely taken care off, some Members of Parliament do take initiatives but their intitatives remain half hearted and their demands are subsided by whims and fancies of Politcial parties, so where does the MP stand guilty for it ? Many a times promises made in the pre election campaign are forgotten by Elected Representatives, maybe some of them were not practical !!! but why were they promised,Projected or portrayed ? was it a just a poll winning tactic which was used ? Most of the time the answer is YES !!!.

Was the India Against Corruption campaign led by Anna Hazare along with RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan and Manish Sisodia a mass hysteria created by the media ? few of us will say YES, but who garnered support and made this campaign massive ? the people of this Country, the India Against Corruption Movement or the demand of Jan Lokpal bill may be having some clauses which dont go well with the Political Community or would have been impractical to adopt, but the call of Right to Recall is something which would have sent bigger shivers down the spines of the Politicans, as non performers will be recalled back.

Its the people of this country who make a person Corporator, MLA, MP but when the elected representatives i.e. corporators / MLA’s or MP’s go to sleep on issues faced by the wards or constituencies they dont deserve to be sitting on the elected posts and should be recalled back, similarly it goes with the MLA, Howmany MLA’s have actually gone back to their constituencies or spoken and worked for their voters after elections ? Starting a New Bus service, water problems, hygiene issues, Illegal Constructions are common problems across in all states but howmany Corporators, MLA’s and MP’s have worked on these issues ? all they are corncened is the vote bank politics, a slum crops up in an area not within one night but still the political representatives are more busy in getting them facilities !!! why ? we all know the answer.

Right to Reject : Give the electors the choice to press the button which says “None of the Above” if they do not like to vote for any of the candidates listed in the electronic voting machine. This option will come after the name of the last candidate in the voting machine. This is another issue which has been prolonged, why ? again the Political leaders across all political party lines feel is a threat to them. Are Political candidates selected on Merits and clean records, as per the National Election Watch, As many as 29 Lok Sabha candidates from various parties had criminal records in 2009 elections,  The parties fielding these candidates included the BSP, BJP, Congress, CPI-M, CPI and the SP. So where will Good Governance come from, Money power and Muscle Power is a nessecity for a Political Candidate, Education and qualification is not !!!.

The Governments till date have been pushing these needs of democracy on a back burner , but howlong will they be able to sustain and contain these demands ? today or tomorrow the democratic process will have to change with the ammendments in our Constitution as its the call of the hour.

Now its to be seen if the political parties have the guts to face this challenge or another campaign like the Jan Lokpal Bill will be needed to unite the people of this country…Choice is to the Government if they select the negative , the People of this democratic country who have by and large now learnt their lessons, will set things right, as terming a fair demand as unconstitutional will not let the political parties survive for long and sooner or later they are bound to perish and be voted out of power by the Citizens of this country who our constitution considers to be the highest, Its a wakeup call to the Nation and the Politicians who are to be reminded the statement ” TO THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.

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