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Reliance Infra’s Stopping NOC for Switching Over to Tata Power is Illegal: MERC

24 January 2012 No Comment

Reliance Infra’s Stopping NOC for Switching Over to Tata Power is Illegal: MERC

Mumbai, 24th Jan 2012 : In a set back to Reliance Infrastructure (RINFRA) the Major Electricity distributor in Mumbai, who had deliberately stopped allowing switching over process for Consumers from Rinfra to Tata Power (MERC) MAHARASHTRA ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION has issued an order to Rinfra , stating that the stopping of Switching over was wrong on part of RINFRA the copy of the order dated 17th Jan 2012 is enclosed which directed RINFRA to  continue with the process of Joint Meter Reading (JMR), as set out in 15th October 2009 Order for changeover of Consumers. Daily_20Order_20Case_20No._20151_20of_202011_20dt_2017.1.2012

Consumer & RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal

From our end, Consumer and RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal was following up on the case closely and got the copy of the order which was passed by (MERC) MAHARASHTRA ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION, Consumers are requested to quote this order and also file complaints with MAHARASHTRA ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION (MERC) in the case of RINFRA refusing a Joint inspection for switch over.

It is to be noted that there are more than 9000 applications pending in one such western suburb alone of Mumbai with Tata Power for switch over from RINFRA as the latter had stopped the process of Joint Inspection which is mandatory for switching over to Tata Power, It is also to be noted that the Government has been a mute spectator to this Drama or else Consumers would not have been taken for ride by RINFRA, the cost of electricity supplied to the end consumer reduces by approximately 30 % after switching over to Tata Power which is a loss of Income to RINFRA, which it aggregates from consumers under wheeling charges.

We at RTI Activist request all the consumers who are affected to send in complaints to us on our website using this page  http://rtiactivist.com/contact-us , please note you can also send in attachments in case of documentary evidence, for us to follow up and forward consumer complaints to MERC.


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