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Protests Will Continue Tomorrow Morning : India Against Corruption.

16 August 2011 No Comment

The latest statement is “India Against Corruption Movement has relayed a message that the Fast and peaceful protests will continue tomorrow again the protests will start tomorrow at 10 am in Mumbai. This may be our last broadcast.”IAC-Anna

so we expect the same situation  across India again tomorrow.The strategy will be take the battle to the people thats what is supposed to happens if the above statement comes true, this movement is garnering support and now is challenging the Government “STOP US IF YOU CAN”, The entire Nation has got a message just now from the India Against Corruption Movement for continuing the protests.

Today Indian democracy has to face a biggest challenge the revolt feel in the hearts of every Indian the notion is not just “Jan Lokpal Bill” but the intent of the Government is now challenged, Its the Corruption issue which has hit back the Government hard.The opposition parties are thirsty of revenge and are taking this movement in to a totally different direction, we hope that Sense prevails among all the protestors and no untoward incident happens, dont get provoked and dont do anything foolish as this will decide the future of how our country will be ruled.

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