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Prime Minister Hints At A Solution To End Crisis Of Anna Hazare’s Fast.

25 August 2011 No Comment

On one hand team Anna Members i.e RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi said today that because of internal politics in Congress and due to Congress Ministers Kapil Sibbal & P.Chidambaram the talks collapsed yesterday, on the other hand its being given a feeling that the Government sources don’t want them involved in future discussions as they are creating hurdles on an almost reached settlement.

Any of the teams could be right, but Anna Hazare was the person who has let the crusade and he should be the one who should be debating the issue, this is the feel which is being sent out by the Government, It could be a Divide and Rule policy too !!! but we never know considering the situation in the country which has erupted as a united Nation in support of the India Against Corruption Movement it is unlikely the Government might play a ploy like this, but everything is possible in politics.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has tried to defuse the situation in the parliament during the debate on corruption issue that the Government is ready to debate on all versions of Lokpal Bill i.e made by Team Anna, NCPRI’s Aruna Roy and any other versions made, the strongest points from all of them will be taken in to consideration in to the debate and will be forwarded to the standing committee. The Prime Minister wants all the MP’s to give it a thought to work out a strategy on this for conveying it to Anna Hazare.

On the other hand Anna Hazare’s health is falling every hour, which is a matter of grave concern for everyone including Team Anna Members and the Country at large and the Government of course , even if  Pranab Mukherjee as per RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal may have said that Anna Hazare’s fast is team Anna’s problem, which he later denied in the media, the sense of  what repressions can happen incase of any danger to Anna Hazare is very well known to the Government too. Even in the case of RTI Act there were 157 amendments done before it was adopted so a strong Lokpal is still possible if both sides dont show unwanted Stubbornness. A compromise or a solution we should say may be still on the cards, provided the Government doesn’t do a flip flop again !!

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