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Post Terror Attacks, Politicians On A Terror Tour In Mumbai ..

14 July 2011 No Comment

Its a shame that people have lost their lives in Mumbai in the Triple Terror attacks yesterday, but the politicians have not yet realized the anger and agony of the people of Mumbai. Yesterday itself there were boycott slogans raised against the Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhan and today Rahul Gandhi’s statement raised the anger and pain more of the pain stricken people.

It pains us all to see that after every attack in Mumbai the Politicians in this country come on a Terror Tour to the city , but who cares what happens with the families who are already greived and are still trying to regain their strength and mental Will to cope up with the tragedies what they are going through ? No body!!. The Terror tour of politicians this time has got a befitting reply when the families of the injured at JJ Hospital & Saifee Hospital refused to meet the Prime Minister, only a few who were willing were kept inside and the rest were removed from the Hospital Premises to prevent their anger being blown out on the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi.

Its not that the City of Mumbai does not understand the Political Sentiments of the Politicians of this Country. The Sentiments are not biased to one Political Party but with every political party of this Country as Politicians of every party comes on a Terror Tour and gives Condolence messages in their Press Conference.

Today every Citizen of this Country not only a Mumbaikar shares the same view, but the Mumbaikars are more annoyed and angry because all the promises of the Politicians have gone for a toss again after these blasts in Mumbai. Every time the Politicians say the People of Mumbai have shown a great resiliance and its the Spirit of Mumbai which it is known for….. Its not the Spirit, but the neccessity and helplessness of every citizen of Mumbai to get back to work to earn his bread and butter or shoulder his responsibilities again keeping his life at stake.

The Governments announce a relief package of few lakhs to the Kins of Dead and a small amount to those injured, but is that enough ?? ask a family of 9 people who’s only son …. who had got married 2 months back and was the lone bread earner of the family who got killed at Zaveri Bazaar, what can a compensation of few lakh Rupees do..?? Nothing… It is not… that we are  stressing on the compensation amount but where are the feelings , sentiments or thoughts before announcing them. A few lakh Rupees will not bring back their loved ones who have faced a tragic death nor those injured will be able to ever forget the injuries which are left back on their minds.

But as we know the saying “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” so the struggle of life begins again the very next day after such attacks. Ask the politicians of this country, to commute every day without a Security Cover and they will realize the fear of these attacks. The Insensetivity is the root problem why the politicians dont understand the grief and pain of those families. While they Politicians move giving Condolence messages and address press Conferences even the Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram who came to Mumbai was here for defending the State Administration only and to prove his track record by saying the Terror Attacks (Bomb Blasts) in Mumbai was after 31 months !!!! How insensetive Mr.Chidambaram….no one expected a statement like this from you.

Even the Policemen of the City seem to have forgotten that howmany of their own Senior and Junior Officials have lost their lives to a previous attack in Mumbai…..Mumbai Police was World renowned and known for its bravery and swiftness in tackling difficult situations, but today when we see Security Posts not manned and Cops missing from their locations it pains more. Not because the Cops might be busy doing something else but because they too lack the responsiblity and sensitivity or else they would have been manning their posts…. Wake up you Guys, you are not Politicians you are from among us, Shatter your image of only bribe accepting Cops and stand for and with the People of this city as more than the Politicians People Trust you, now its upto the Police force of the City if they can restore their image back as the Politicians can’t.

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