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Joyeeta Bose, A Victim Of Domestic Violence beaten up by Oshiwara Police Station !!

9 July 2011 No Comment

9th July, 2011: When 34-year-old Joyeeta Bose went to Oshiwara Police Station to register a complaint of Domestic Violence by her husband Don Wilmer and Aditi Shah (Mistress) on the evening of 8 July Thursday, little did she know that she was in for even more physical abuse by the police themselves.

According to Joyeeta(97699 31988) and her advocate Namitabh Kothari (99309 92660), the police officers on duty told her not to come to police for lodging complaint as her case was already pending. They accused her of lying about the assaults and other complaints. In the heat of the moment, she said that she would approach the media and to highlight their misconduct. But this made matters even worse! They ordered a lady police officer to stop Joyeeta from going out of Police station. As Joyeeta tried to run out, the lady officer pulled her hair, and there was a scuffle between them. As the lady officer started shouting, some male police officers joined the melee, and forced Joita into a room. This incident happened outside Sr. PI. Rupwate’s cabin.

As there is a CCTV inside the waiting room for complainants, which has a screen inside the cabin of Mr Rupwate, he must have known what was going on, allege Joita and Kothari. However, he did not came out and stop the police officers from assaulting and beating Joita.

Inside the room, the lady officer again beat Joyeeta with a wide belt, as well as her hands, while the other male officers stood there making dirty comments and saying that many more things would happen tonight. Her mobile was snatched and the recordings were deleted. Money was taken her purse. Her files and papers were thrown out. One senior citizen who tried to stop the police was pushed and threatened. There were many eyewitnesses, but nobody could help her for fear of the police backlash.

“In a panic, she managed to phone me while she was being harassed, and from the sounds in the background, I could gather that there was violence going on,” says Namitabh, who rushed to the police station, and was with her till 4 a.m., even after her release by the police.

It was only after journalists started calling police officers on phone did the police relent. At around 10.10 pm, the police officer registered an NC (non-cognizable offence) against Joyeeta’s husband and Aditi shah.  Finally, Joita was allowed to go out of Police station. When journalists questioned the police officers who came in at the next shift, they were evasive as to the facts of the case. Joita and Namitabh wanted them to register an FIR against the guilty police officers — their colleagues and subordinates — but they did not do so.

When Joyeeta went to Cooper Hospital for medical examination, the doctors and police on duty were constantly taking orders and instructions on mobile, and they refused to write down Joyeeta’s version of the day’s events. Finally, after Joyeeta threatened to call media and channels, and demanded the Complaint register for lodging the complaint in writing, the Doctors wrote in the medical Certificate that “beaten by lady and gents police constables”.

Joita lives with her Schizophrenic Mother and son Jeehan. She resides at Shantivan Society, MHADA complex, Oshiwara, Andheri. She has filed 498-A case (Thane Court) and Family court proceedings (Bandra) against her husband Don Wilmer for various reliefs.The leave & licence agreement for present Flat has expired and her husband is not shifting her to any flat and instead forcing her to leave this flat.

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