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J Deys Murder An Attack On The Fourth Pillar Of Democracy

22 June 2011 No Comment

Jyoti Dey (56), who was working as editor (special investigation) with Mid-day, was shot dead by unidentified persons in Powai on 11th June. J Dey an Ironic figure in the News Industry who was known for his Investigative Journalisim was declared dead in the hospital, this attack is and will remain a blot on the Government as it is an attack on the Fourth pillar of Democracy which is the Media, few stories are buzzing and giving a feel that this was an act of retaliation for the investigations he was carrying out against the oil Mafia and sometimes for his investigative reports on the underworld. But is this the TRUTH ? maybe NO…

There are few theories which need to be investigated, J Dey used to interact with the police via email most of his correspondence with them including sharing of information was done via email . Dey was known for exposing the nexus between cops and the underworld he had also alleged that ACP Mahabole is linked to the D-Company which is the gang operated by Dawood Ibrahim, there was another investigation which was being carried out by him on a Retired Police Officer; if we read between the lines it points only to one thing, some where down the line there may be a mole who used to work for someone in the department who was used to pin him down before he exposed a big figure in the department.

If we view the  sketch of the Killer, do you feel any resemblance in it with any image !!!, so it really raises doubts that something is fishy !!! what is the Police trying to do ? from the fateful day when J Dey was killed the police has been giving out new theories, they took in to custody the alleged killers and then moved them around by covering their faces and later denied that they had no evidence of the accused being involved in the shootout !! one side the Chief-Minister claimed that there has been progress or a break through made by the police and later they let go the accused ?? Again someone is caught said to be J Deys informer…what next ?

The police cracking this case has a rarest of rare chance and Journalists feel and have said that an investigation by the local police may not be reliable so a CBI enquiry should be conducted on this case, but the Chief Minister is still unwilling on the same. Very soon a new angle may be given to this case, may be  even alleging J Dey himself was involved in something related to the underworld. Moreover immediately after his killing talks of formation of a body that will address grievances against the Media has been doing rounds again ; which has been opposed by the Journalists, it is a pressure tactic being strategised to curb the Media and the Journalists, this was opposed by the Senior Editors from National Dailies at the meeting which was held with the Chief Minister.

The clues is between the emails and phone calls of J Dey, but will those clues come out in light ? seems difficult as cover up tactics would have already started before the mails get scrutinized. so for now the attackers who attacked on the fourth pillar of Democracy will get a reprieve.

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