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India Against Corruption Movement Wins ? Not Yet…The Real Battle Begins Now.

9 April 2011 No Comment

Has India Against Corruption Movement Won ?

Anna Hazare with Scores of supporters , RTI Activist’s and common man had launched the India Against Corruption Movement. With the Government now bowing down to People’s demand for forming a Joint Committee for drafting of the bill along with Anna Hazare and also agreeing for Co-chairmanship, there is rejoice among everybody, but is this the end of this…No not yet, the real fight or struggle begins now.

People forget that Anna Hazare was instrumental in getting the RTI Act Implemented, but till today after so many years what is happening, no doubt the RTI Act has created tense feelings among the Government Machinery, with the common man digging out documents from the Departments,starting from the central Ministries to the Local Civic Bodies and have exposed corrupt officials and corrupt Ministers, but.. what is happening after they are exposed….the delay tactics are already in place so  justice is delayed and we can say its most of the time denied. If that would not have been the case there would not have been so many Appeals pending with the State Information Commissioners, Its not the SIC who is responsible for this chaos, but the Officers (PIO’s) who are not doing there job by either not giving the documents or giving out incomplete documents to save the skin of the corrupt.

If we actually understand the demands put in by India Against Corruption, they have asked for stringent laws & punishments, which had sent out shivers in the already tense Corrupt machinery as if the demands of Anna Hazare and other activists get accepted there will be no way the Corrupt will be spared….but will this happen, most people doubt it.

So that’s where we say, our real struggle begins now. Even if the recommendations of the Common man may have been accepted but how are they formulated in to the Lokpal Bill is to be seen yet. Even after it being incorporated in to the Lokpal Bill, will it get approved in the Parliament in the Monsoon Session….If everyone remembers the Lokpal Bill has been stuck from the time of Independence.Every government has shown complete insensitivity and lack of political commitment to tackling corruption. 62 years after independence, we still do not have independent and effective anti-corruption systems. Very weak versions of Lokpal Bill were presented in Parliament eight times in last 42 years. Even these weak versions were not passed by Parliament…so with anger and agony we are still left to say….Gali Gali mein Shor Hai Mera Neta Chor Hai.


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