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Illegal Constructions Are The Result Of (CTS)City Survey Numbers Not Being Displayed By Builders !!

17 April 2011 One Comment

RTI Activist’s have been digging out files of Illegal Constructions, but do we know that a major hurdle exists which seems to have been purposely created by the Builders / Developers and the Building Proposal Department, so as to avoid access to the files of the alleged illegal Constructions sought under RTI Applications.

Every Builder or Developer shows lot of free things what he is providing in his Construction to woo Potential Customers, But the most important fact is the CTS number which is not displayed by them in the advertisement. Every Real Estate Builder or developer always does marketing of his project through Internet, Hoardings or other means of advertisement, but howmany of them display the CTS numbers in their advertising ? None, and due to which many people put in their life’s saving in for a flat or other property without knowing that its illegal and who is to be blamed for this ? just the builders alone  ? no the Building proposal departments of the Municipal Corporations play a major role in this, because they allow non implementation of the thumb rules.

RTI Activist and Hon.Secretary of Janhit Manch Utsal Varani had also filed a complaint with the Director engineering services and projects, for the Non Implementation of this rule enclosed is the copy of the Letter to CTS Director , Also enclosed is the PDF copy of Utsal Varni’s First Appeal disposed , this will give an idea as to what the modus operandi is i.e. dont display the CTS number and let the applicants ask for the files and cleverly the Building Proposal Department will not be providing the same, why ? because the applicant has not mentioned the CTS number.

As per the City Survey record created, each individual parcel of land has a unique CTS number. Activist Utsal Karani, along with other activists from Janhit Manch, inspected around 120 under-construction buildings in Juhu, JVPD, Irla and Vile Parle (E), to check if they had CTS numbers displayed. “None of these buildings had boards with the number,I had to run around while seeking information on illegal constructions only because I didn’t have the CTS number,” Karani said.

All the Activist’s have been stressing on the fact that the builders are coniving with the Officials of the Building proposal Departments and due to which major illegal constructions are happening. Every body is only interested in making money, if not then why are the Guidelines not followed ? and if they are not followed why is no action taken against those defaulters ? its just because there is a Nexus between the builders and officials of the Building proposal Department, who are responsible for implementation ? why are they not being reprimanded ? all these are questions which everybody has, but who is willing to take them up..very few and those who raise such kind of questions are then vulnerable to attacks..why ? because their details are already leaked out by the officials to the builder or developer against whom the RTI’s are filed.

Few off cases reach the limelight of the media i.e. Adarsh is one such example, but other wise nothing comes out in the open, recently Sulaiman Bhimani again exposed how MMRDA also has conived with RNA builders and rampant illegal construction was carried out by RNA, why do few people of our society have to play the role of a cop for monitoring the cops who are responsible for the duties assigned to them , this is something which needs to be thought over by everyone, specially the Governing Bodies under whom such kinds of Trade Flourish.

So next time if you or someone you know is out on searching a flat or a property, do inform him to check all the details before he invests his hard earned money in to a flat or a shop, as you dont know tomorrow it might turn out to be an illegal construction and at that time the concerned authorities will wash their hands off stating the buyers should have checked the details before buying something… Beware !!

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  • Khan Mohammed Yousuf said:

    This is really very helpful to let everyone know about CTS Number which is mandatory by a builder to display on the under construction site so that a strict action shuld be taken against builder as well as official who violates the rules and regulation