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Has The Government Learnt A Lesson From Mumbai Blasts ?….No !! Why ? Because We Are Not Bothered !!

22 July 2011 No Comment

Post The Triple Bomb Blasts in Mumbai every one would have thought that the Government Machinery would have woken up, but it is shocking to see that they haven’t learnt a lesson yet. Firstly the blasts maybe could have been avoided if we had our intelligence inputs on this and may be if our Honourable Home Minister Mr.R.R.Patil would have taken a decision to increase manpower which the Mumbai Police force is short of. It was on 20th june 2011  approximately a month before the blasts  RTI Activist Jeet Ghatge had received a reply to his RTI Application which had revealed that out of sanctioned 605 API Posts 259 posts were still vacant approx 42 % and a whopping 822 PSI posts 47 %  were vacant out of  1735 sanctioned, it needs to be probed if few of these vacancies were from the area where the blasts had taken place.

Moreover even after the blasts our Government Machinery has still not learnt the lessons, even today we will find unmanned Security Checkpost Tables on Railway Stations in the evenings, even on the day when the Triple Bomb blasts took place in Mumbai leaving a few Railway Stations most of the Railway Police Checkpost Tables on most of the Stations were not being manned, the situation still remains the same even today across Mumbai. If the Railway Police is not bothered its because the Citizens of Mumbai too are not bothered and they turn a blind eye to every thing what happens, even when it is for their own safety, its like who will bell the cat…who will question the authorities and why ? We always feel that we are perfect and others should be corrected…….It is just like cleaning the mirror instead of Cleaning our face.

How long will this lax attitude of the people work  ? yes there was an outrage after the Mumbai Blasts and people were annoyed with the security Machinery of the City but what after that ? NOTHING,every one went back to their sleep, If the Government Machinery has to be corrected the Citizens also need to correct themselves !! Don’t turn a blind eye to things which you feel can poise a risk or threat to peoples lives, it can be anything starting from unmanned Security Checkpost tables or turning a deaf ear to someones conversations where words which would mean like a threat, dont become Monkeys of Gandhiji (Dont See Evil, Dont Hear Evil, Dont Speak Evil) when a common mans help…. your help is actually required at that time, it can avert of a tragedy before happening.

So next time you the Citizens see something wrong do bring it to the notice of  the concerned authorities who are responsible for it in writing , Today there have been blasts in Norway, Oslo and one of them was said to be in a car, the blasts have killed 2 people there, similar can be the state here in our country in any city if the Citizens behave like strangers and dont take a initiative of reporting suspicious behaviours of people or suspicious vehicle.

This can be done by the people who are actually present in that locality everyday, yes in a market where thousands of people come everyday everyone will be watched with suspicion but still, may be one of you may spot someone whos movements are suspicious or a vehicle which is not regularly parked in the area or even if its regularly parked you notice the person parking it with uneasyness these are signs which point to a danger which is in store, so its a wakeup call to all the Citizens across all the states of this country wake up and be alert as your alertness can save lives and catch the culprits before they stage in a attack on you. The Police will do what they can but the Citizens too need to be responsible , any terror attack is not just because the Police force is useless but also because even we dont bother to inform things which we sometimes feel look suspicious.

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