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Government On Backfoot Anna Hazare And Team To Be Released From Prision.

16 August 2011 No Comment

The Government in the wake of continious criticisim has been going on commiting blunders, initially by arresting Anna Hazare, RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Shanti Bhushan and others and giving out a statement that he could have caused a Law and order situation in Delhi with P.Chidambaram stating that Anna Hazare was arrested because he refuesed to accept the terms laid down by the police, moreover Chidambaram also said he does not have any idea of where the police had taken Anna Hazare from the Police Mess and finally when the day is nearing its end Tihar jail gets the release order from the Executive Magistrate.

These blunders are proving that the Government has got in to a total confusing situation where one side the opposition is ready to pounce on it in the parliament and the mass protests are making and creating a difficult scenario for it world wide, the United States Of America (USA) first condemened the way the Government was handling the Anna Hazare movement and later after a backfire did a “U” turn, things are not going down well within the Government allies too, and every ally is feeling sooner or later they will get cornered on this issue and the only option left is get him out and back on the talking table.

The UPA Government had not expected this kind of response and support for the movement after the arrest of Anna Hazare but it back fired on them. The only worry or cause what forced them to release Anna Hazare and team is a situation like Cairo where protesters did not leave Tahrir square and continued their protests, similar could have been a state which the Government may have thought of.

But the imposition of section 144 still remains and Anna Hazare and his team can be re arrested, but the situation still remains the same, the protests will continue as a call has been given for the Government employees to go on mass casual leave, and if that happens the Government will have a bigger problem on its hand. Now everyone is awaiting a statement from Anna Hazare after his release perhaps that will define where this movement goes from here today.

For now it seems that the Peoples Mass Movement has defeated the Politicians on this move and made them search for oxygen in open air.

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