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Finally the Announcement comes : Team Anna To Join Politics !!!

2 August 2012 One Comment

Anna Hazare the Politician ?

Finally the Announcement comes: Team Anna To Join Politics, Jan Lokpal Party Coming Up !!!

As predicted last year on RTI Activist News we had hinted that team Anna will make announcement of joining politics,It has finally come this year, which again makes us ask, Was the entire Team Anna campaign fight against Graft or for Political Ambitions ?

Below are the articles which had hinted this last year





Team Annas fast At Jantar Mantar for Janlokpal bill or for entering Politics ?

This also Probably clearly projects that Team Anna was using the latest protest as a stepping stone towards politics, after initially rejecting the move categorically,By just forming a political party and contesting elections, Team Anna would not be able to bring about the change. They would need to win not just elections but also secure majority to push forward their agenda in Parliament.

Will any political group come forward to support Team Anna and their agenda ? whom they have called Corrupt,Rapists, and Dacoits !!!

Today all the political parties have some way or the other a tag of corruption labeled on them due to someone in their camps, and the newly formed parties who publicize themselves as non-corrupt; have failed to garner support on the grass root level and when it comes down to garnering votes during election they have failed. So who will Anna Hazare and team support ? As non of the parties declare their source of funding completely….. so the factor of black money is persistent across all party lines even if everyone is denying it.

Anna Hazare had also said that he does not want Kiran Bedi and RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal to have Political caps on them !! as it will send out an impression that the entire agitation by team Anna was for formation of a political party or entering Politics ….. So what is happening now ? will their agenda  bring down the heavy weights in elections ? Seems difficult as Anna Hazare himself had said ‘People in this country vote without their senses, they vote for Money and Alcohol and if I stand for elections I will even lose  my security deposit”

If Anna Hazare thinks that the countrymen don’t vote with a sense and those few who vote; barring a few exceptions are voting for Alcohol and Money, then who will Vote for them ? were the fasts a show of strength ?

Nation is about to get a new Political Party, Will the Chanakya Gandhi ( Arvind Kejriwal) in Team Anna be able garner votes ? 2014 General Elections will tell.

Jai Hind

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  • haridas mandal said:

    Let them first return all the donations recd in the name of a social / apolitical movement to all the donors. Let it be deposited with the treasury if the identity of the donors are not known. Lets stop fooling around any more.