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Fight Against Graft Or Politically Motivated Campaign,Question People.

4 June 2011 No Comment

RTI Activist Website has been a mouth piece for the Common Man, here are views of few Citizens from across India and world who feel the whole episode of Baba Ramdevs fast is just a gimmick and politically motivated.

Sanjib Bhattacharya says “Anna Hazareji certified only two politicians -One is Narendra Modi and another is Nitish Kumar .If We have admit Annaji as God then we have to admit Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim politics is perfect and he is the New Messiah of India . .Isn’t it ? Is it not true that Anna Hazareji prefers BJP and RSS more than any political party of India ? The alliance of Narendra Modi’s party and Nitishji’s party was in power more than 5 years in Delhi . We have also noticed RSS people are favorite of Anna Hazareji which hurts all Muslims of India What RSS and BJP has done for the people of North -Eastern states during their long 5 years regime ? Netaji Subhas chandra Bose was the only leader of India who was the perfect well wisher of people of Assam and Nagaland and north eastern states .. ( Earlier I was also a supporter of Anna Hazareji but when I have seen Annaji favors Narendra Modi then I was very much dishearten. ). ”

Is there any politician of any any national party of India concern about the people of North-Eastern states ? Answer is ” No”. People of North-Eastern states since 1947 as they are followers of our Great National Hero- Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. So called Civil Society is the Civil Society Of upper caste Hindus of some particular states. Why democratic rule not followed to make 5 member Draft Panel of Civil Society ? Why people of all states didn’t get equal importance ? Why Shanti Bhasan is co-chairman ? Why only ” One father and his son” only treated as most efficient lawyer across the whole country ? Why their previous activity was not verified by Annaji ? Why no people belongs to Eastern or North Eastern India included in this so called Civil Society ? Why Anna Hazareji tactfully excluded Dalit and Minority Community excluded from 5 member Draft panel of Civil Society ? Why only upper caste Hindus of some states will get importance to make ” Draft Lok Pal Bill”? Why there is some tendency of show indirect disobedience to Our Beloved Baba Shaheb Ambedkar by some supporters of so called Civil Society ?

Earlier Annaji praised Narendra Modi and his administration . Now he is telling against Narendra Modi administration. Why he is now speaking in different tones ? We know Annaji inspired RSS but not any Muslaim ,Christian or Dalit Group. Is it true Anna Hazare supporters is now organizing themselves against reservation ??? You can get some idea from Facebook post as ” Voice Against “reservation” by Youths of India” . Please check the following link facebook.com/pages/Voice-Against-reservation-by-Youths-of-India/128267793905904 ( you can get it by google search also). Some Bollywood personalities whose earnings depends on black money supported this movement ,why ? Can anyone deny Dawood and some other Gangster’s financially support to make some films of Bollywood? Can it be possible for us to admit Shanti Bhusan as corruption- free personality of India in spite of Land scam and Tape controversy ?

Mohammed Rya says “Annaji praised Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi .What is now happening in Bihar now . Why innocent doctor was killed by RSS backed Nitish Kumar Government. How can Annaji support Hindu communal forces ? Now lies of Bollywood people nailed. The main financier of Bollywood caught in 2G scams . These persons who are sleeping on Black money joined the so called Anti-Graft Movement of Pro-BJP leader -Anna Hazareji. Ha! Ha ! Ha! ”

Pro-RSS Hindu activists Khejriwal now started indirectly attacking Baba Ramdev. Anna Hazare is the follower of Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev is RSS person. Two Saffron Brigade started completion. Their main aim to eliminate Muslims and Dalits from India , not Graft .

Shyamal Barua from Ontario,Canada says “The Indian Express news report :”PM can’t be under Lokpal’s purview: Govt tells Team Anna”…Excerpts: “Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan, both civil society members of the committee, said except on one issue of keeping citizen charter and public grievances under the jurisdiction of Lokpal, the government opposed the demands for bringing the Prime Minister, higher judiciary and the corrupt acts of MPs inside Parliament under the ambit of the Lokpal. They said the government’s proposals today were “worse” than what it had proposed in its first Bill which had been “condemned and rejected”…Now of what use would be the Lokpal Bill if the office of the PM, and the PM himself is kept out of the loop. Hope KMSS, and Akhil Gogoi will start another struggle to put pressure on the Govt. to include PM, and the Judiciary as well into the purview of Lokpal bill.”

Excerpts from reader’s comments in TOI of  makes interesting reading|: Posted by:poor indian (chandigarh) on 3rd Juneat (08:04 PM)::”what is this BJP KE dhongi baba 18 crore kisne diya black money NEW DELHI: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has already pumped 18 crore rupees for his ‘fast-unto-death’ stir against corruption in New Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, according to a media report. The report said that the ground will have 2,50,000 square feet of waterproof tents of 30 feet height with 780 fans and 100 coolers. Seven large screen television sets, 100 CCTV cameras and low-noise sound systems will also be installed. The MCD is charging 3.10 lakh rupees for the ground for May 13 to June 30, while the tent city will cost about two crore rupees per month, the report said. The ground will also have air-conditioned intensive care units for emergencies. The ground will have facility to store 1,00,000 litre water, while eight crore rupees have been invested for 500 RO plants of 16 lakh rupees each, the report added. It will also have 1,300 toilets for Baba Ramdev’s supporters. selfless anna hazare zindabad selfish bjp man ramdev murdabad.”

Divya Parekh says “Hindus have every right to unite under Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev to establish ” Hindu and Saffron India ” Muslims already established Pakistan. If Hindus united under Anna Hazare to establish Hindu Kingdom what is wrong in it ?”

Shyamal Mukherjee Says Now Hindu revolution started under Baba Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. All Hindus should take this golden opportunity.

Goose Egg says “Baba Ramdev should clarify why he’s opposing about the inclusion of the Prime Minister in the Lokpal Bill. The GOI has deputed a top taxman to the Baba? BTW that same govt diggu singh had said could care less about Baba’s fast? …Hope, you guys can now make out the equation; well Nehru had the blessings of Anandamayee Ma; Indira of Dhirendra Brahmachari, Rajiv of Machan Baba; and so I guess, it’s time for Manmohan to have a Baba, Long live India; long live Baba’s & Gurus!!! Remember Shantibhusan had remarked, that the civil society members of the Lokpal Committee needs person of rational outlook and adequate knowledge about law, not any Baba’s, nor his Yoga’s. It would be better if our activists undertake a “do or die andolon” against the burning issue of corruption. Even though rejected by the court, I laud the effort of pleas filed by Dharmender Pandey, a scrap dealer at Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh Court, who wanted the CBI to further probe the roles of Radia and Tata in the 2G case, and D. Furquan, a doctor in the same town, wanting similar action on Ambani and Dayalu Ammal. Well the entire 2G scam was orchestrated by the big moneyed Corporates who engaged lobbying firms (e.g. Nira Radia & her famous tapes), and they were let go by the CBI. This is amazing!!! “

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