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Domestic LPG Cylinders To Cost More ? Distributors Delay Supply Purposely !!!

16 September 2011 One Comment

The Government seems to be in a mood to hike the LPG cylinder cost after an initial shocker of hike in petrol prices,Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) led by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee were supposed to be meeting today to discuss this but the meeting was postponed, as the UPA alliance gauged that many of its allies were not in favour of raising LPG Cylinder prices as that would be hitting the Common Man worst, and will bring devastating results as already the common man has been reeling under tremendous pressure with Inflation rate going up day by day, again today RBI raised the Repo rate, a 12th hike in last 18 months which means Loans will be more dearer and there will be a direct impact on your installments of Housing Loans or any other loans.

But mean while across the country the distributors are holding back on taking bookings as they expect a steep rise in the Domestic LPG cylinder cost, the current proposed rate is Rs.710.00 per cylinder after initial 4-6 cylinders supply per year!!!!.

There have been many complaints forwarded to RTI Activist News team, Currently which are of HPCL, and are being forwarded to them, demanding a resolution on the same. Yesterday 3 complaints have been forwarded to HPCL’s Prafulla Kumar who looks after consumer grievances with cases ranging from across Mumbai and Thane , where in major complaints are against distributors who have been not answering telephones or refusing to take a booking and if they take a booking are not providing a booking number.

One such complaint to us was of Mr. Arvind Hosalkar, Arvind wrote ” There is a frequent problem in gas services by HP in Vasai-Virar area. For months the Gas cylinders are not available. People are really struggling to get the cylinders. Really don’t understand what is the main issue.  Complaining at lower level is of no use and officials too give vague answers. Its better to know what is the reality and to make people aware of it.  what way the situation can be handled, so that these officials from higher to lower won’t take the consumers for granted”.

In another incident a Sr.Citizen Mr.Edris H.Essa had been struggling with a distributor “EKVIRA GAS” the 72 year gentleman had been calling the numbers of the distributor for 5 days but no one was answering the Telephones  and or sometimes keeping them busy, this was confirmed by a friend of  his who visited the agency and found that telephones were kept off hook purposely !!, after 5 days finally Mr.Essa’s call was answered but the agency refused to take a booking, after an argument they took the booking but refused to provide a booking number , even this complaint was forwarded to Mr.Prafulla Kumar to which he has said he will look in to.

The most defining question is, if you go on the website of  HPCL  before any decision is taken by the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM), the website has already categorized columns with quota of subsidized and non subsidized cylinders. which points, that the Distributors are already aware of the happening and they have been either told by the Oil companies to delay bookings or purposely distributors are not been given cylinders by the Oil Companies. the columns what we mention here can be viewed on the transparency portal under transparency report .http://dcms.hpcl.co.in/ConsumerPortal/Transparency/Transparency.aspx

It seems the Distributors play hand in glove with the oil companies to keep the consumers at bay, and it is the common man who suffers and Government doesn’t seem to be bothered with the agony of this suffering the opinion of people is already showing that anger and resentment will be blowing away the Governments agenda of future elections.

We at RTI Activist News ask all our readers to send in your complaints with the details of your distributor and your consumer number, these will be put forward to the particular oil companies to prove that there is definitely a problem across the country.

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