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Corruption In Offices of Contract labour Licensing : A Reason For Suppression and Denial of Labour Rights

1 May 2011 2 Comments

On May Day also known as,Maharashtra Day and Labour Day, RTI Activist team reveals how labour Licensing Departments play a major role in Manipulation, suppression and Denial of  Labour rights due to corruption, for Issuing or renewal of License Under section 12(2) of the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition)Act, 1970 there are Guidelines and procedures, but the Licensing Authorities sitting in these offices are only bothered about their under the table income for issuing such licenses.

They dont even bother to check if the firm or contractor who has applied for Issuance of New License or Renewal of Existing one are actually following the required norms. One such example was revealed when a Labor Contractor had applied for a license and even after having all the records right he was denied a License and asked for a Bribe of Rs.50000.00(the amount was told to an agent who operates near the Labor Commissioners office) and the agent even went on to say that for 25 labours license the amount is Rs.15000.00 and the concerned official is not ready to sign the License without being paid a minimum of Rs.50000.00 for Issuing him a license.

Initially the contractor pleaded with the agent and the officials inside the Labour office but it was in vain,he got frustrated and refused to pay a bribe and approached for assistance to RTI Activist team.

RTI Activist Team filed an RTI Application with the Office of Contract labour Licensing, Thane, Maharashtra, with the below queries.

  • Kindly Provide copy of Procedures for Issuing or Renewal of existing License. Under section 12(2) of the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970,
  • In respect of a Registered Establishment what are the norms and guidelines for Renewal of Labour License, what is the process for Renewal and what are the documents required for the same.

  • What are the Clauses under which a license is revoked or not renewed? Kindly provide details of all contractors with the copies of relevant documents submitted for renewal or obtaining a License Under section 12(2) of the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition)Act, 1970 from Mira Road and Bhayander for the year 2008-2009 & 2009-2010.

  • Name and contact details of the person in charge for renewal of License and the final Authority above him (Please provide Contact Details of all the seniors Concerned)

After continuous follow ups on the status of the RTI Application  the authorities figured out that something was fishy as the documents asked will reveal out the secrets of their corrupt practices, so the documents were denied stating they were voluminous and if required we can approach the Office directly and check the documents which we want to verify specifically.

On approaching the Asst Labour Commissioner he straight forwardly asked, what was the reason behind filing of the RTI Application to which a clear reply was given to him : verification of the documents was asked of all those who have been issued licenses and on what grounds was the license denied to a particular contractor, to which the Asst labour Commissioner did not react and provided with the challans and copies of Labour licenses in renewal process and New issuance and to a shock one of them was the challan of the contractor who had approached us, the challan showed it was approved for issuing a license but did not carry any authorized signature and thats’ where they got caught.

The Asst Labour commissioner apologized and pleaded not to publicize the issue, even the Commissioner came out and called us inside his cabin and said the license is being issued right away and it was in an error that the license was on hold.

An RTI Application set things rolling with the Contract labour Licensing Dept, Thane, Maharashtra, and a license was issued to a rightful Contractor, but what about so many others who had manipulated records, these things need to be looked in to by higher authorities to curb and curtail Corruption prevailing in these offices, so that labourers are not denied of their Rights by their contractors  or else the “RICH WILL GROW RICHER AND THE POOR WILL GET POORER” courtesy our corrupt officials.

The RTI Activist team will be following up on the RTI Application and revealing details of those Contractors, who have manipulated documents and have got licenses and who been denying the labourers their rights due to the nexus between the office bearers of the Labour License Department and Contractors.


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    Kindly approach the labour office and ask for the details a ready leaflet is available with them for the charges which will vary on the number of labours you are employing.