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Citizens Guide To Assess Lokpal & Jan Lokpal. Use this Table To Write Letter To RS Standing Committee

23 August 2011 No Comment

Citizens Guide made and provided by NCPRI’s Venkatesh Nayak and RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao to Assess the Lokpal & Jan Lokpal Bill :


A nation’s government is like a big and complicated machine. It must work properly.  Our machine has major defects – and that is what everybody is referring to as “Corruption”. Everybody agrees that many parts urgently need tightening.

Which is the right tool for the job? Government’s Lokpal Bill or Team Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill? And do either of these tools need improvement? You study these tools, you decide, and you write to Rajya Sabha Standing Committee.

The last date for sending submissions to the Standing Committee is September 4, 2011. Read this notice published in newspapers on Saturday, August 20: http://tinyurl.com/Inviting-Submissions-LokpalBil

On Sunday, Jan Lokpal Bill was submitted by Congress MP Prakash Singh Aron to the Standing Committee, and simultaneously, BJP MP Varun Gandhi also introduced this bill to Parliament as a Private Member’s Bill.

MR & MS CITIZEN, YOU HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE YOUR SAY IN THE MATTER. Don’t just take anybody else’s word for it. Please don’t have blind faith in anybody. Apply your own mind and say what you feel in a reasoned way.

Please write down your views on the third column of this table, which NCPRI’s Venkatesh Nayak and I have made for your convenience. This table shows COMPARABLE SECTIONS OF THE TWO BILLS SIDE-BY-SIDE. The fourth column is for YOUR VIEWS & SUGGESTIONS:  http://tinyurl.com/Compare-Govt-Lokpal-JanLokpal

Various sections of the Government’s Lokpal Bill is on the left. To its right is the comparable section of IAC’s (India against Corruptions) Jan Lokpal Bill, so that you can see the two side-by-side. At the bottom, in red, are the unique features of Jan Lokpal Bill that do not correspond with any of the provisions of the government bill.

No section of either bill has been excluded.

IN CASE YOU FEEL THAT THE TABLE IS FAULTY OR BIASED, YOU CAN CORRECT IT. Download the original bills from their original websites:

To correct the table, you may copy-paste text from these files onto the table wherever necessary.


I wish to leave you with an example: Your machine has gone bad. The machine operator, whom you hired, is a lazy bum and a crook who has been neglecting his work. So there are lots of screws that need tightening.

You can only do this job with the correct type of screwdriver. You cannot do it with a hammer. It doesn’t matter how old or rusty the screws are. It doesn’t matter how ugly the screwdriver is. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and new the hammer is.

Even if an IIT professor has designed this hammer, and insists that the hammer is justified because we all are very angry with the loose screws and the bad machine, he will be wrong.

Even if one crore Indians rise up and have morchas to say that the hammer is justified, and it is high time that all screws were tightened with the brand-new hammer designed by the award-winning and well-meaning IIT professor, they will all be wrong.

And even if a few primary schoolchildren stand up and say that the screws must be tightened with a screwdriver, they will be right.

Even if the machine operator is a crook, and he says it must be tightened with a screwdriver, he will be right. He may be a crook, and he may be frequently wrong… but he will be right in this instance.

If you slam the machine with the hammer, it will make you feel fantastic. By hammering at the loose screws, you can express all your anger against the machine and the stupid operator… but the machine will be ruined. And you will have to live with the consequences. The operator will just walk away.

Mr & Mrs Citizen, don’t be influenced by anybody, including me. Do your own homework, don’t copy. Apply your own mind. Please.

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