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Campa Cola Residents Evicted Forcefully : Political Parties will Bear A Brunt In Upcoming Elections.

13 November 2013 No Comment
Campa Cola Eviction process starts

Campa Cola Eviction process starts

The Force full Eviction process of Campa Cola Residents has started the Mumbai Police has forcibly entered into the compound and evicted the protestors,The the gate of the complex, which was blocked by residents,has been demolishted with the help of bulldozers. After which, they began demolishing the illegal construction.

Fighting a legal battle since 2005, the residents said they were duped by the builders and will be on the roads if their flats were pulled down.  The seven high-rise buildings were constructed at the Campa Cola Compound between 1981 and 1989. The builders had permission for only five floors, but constructed several more. While one of the buildings has 20 floors, another has 17.

The Supreme Court had set November 11 deadline to vacate 102 flats declared as illegal. Families living in the compound had pinned their hopes on Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan stepping in and saving their homes by passing an ordinance to regularize their flats but the Chief Minister has ruled out that possibility stating it will set a wrong precedent and said they have seen the effect of wrong ordinance, which was issued by the Centre to save politicians with criminal backgrounds and fears a backlash if a call is taken on an ordinance to regularize the Illegal Construction moreover only 1 illegal construction cannot be regularized the ordinance if it comes in to effect will regularize all illegal constructions from 2005 onwards, will the State and Central Government Bite the bullet and not come up with an Ordinance  ? If it does not the already feeble and weakening UPA combine is all set to lose in Mumbai ,Thane and the rest of the suburbs in the Upcoming General Elections, the reason being very simple the Politicians-Bureaucrat-BMC  nexus was the main reason for these illegal constructions to crop up, the Politicians (Local Corporators ) know of the irregularities ,The Bureaucrats turn a blind eye and the BMC official fill their pockets and avoid any notices during construction work is on , completed and residents occupy the flats.

In such a situation the image of the Politicians is worst hit as they are the one who make money out of such issues, today every project in Mumbai, thane or across the developing belt in and around Mumbai have Benami properties in the name of Corporators and MLA’s, Most Project Developers on anonymity  agree that the Politican’s are the one who are responsible for making them do illegal constructions, “If we have to pay every Department in BMC or any Municipal Corporation for getting clearances, and the Corporators and MLA’s seek a Pie in every project of ours where do we cover our costs, we don’t want to create illegal floors but these politicians are the ones who create these scenarios”.

With the overall evidences pointing towards the Politicians and Municipal Corporation officers the Campa Cola case will have serious repercussions in the coming Elections on all Political parties performances in the Urban Belt and Financial Capital of the Country, whether the Local Shiv Sena- BJP combine in Municipal Corporations or the Congress- Ncp Combine, they all should be geared up to face the Brunt of the Common Mans anger who without any reason has to face the brunt of irregularities done by them or their predecessors .

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