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Anna’s Fast Continues Will Reach Ramlila Maidan Tomorrow, Protest Supporters Increase Across India.

18 August 2011 No Comment

Anna Hazare’s fast entered its 50th hour today in Tihar, Anna Hazare was also checked by a team of Doctors who said his condition is stable, on the other hand the supporters of the Protests by India against Corruption are increasing every day. Today the Motormen of Mumbai Locals had joined in the protests and it affected the local raliway network of Mumbai. There are protests happening today at Churchgate and CST, but the Government calls the protests and Peoples support for it Un-constitutional. The message from India Against Corruption is “Shame on them, Show them Peoples Power” The protests are on in Azad Maidan in Mumbai ,Chennai ,  India Gate at Delhi and in Banglore, In Banglore Sri Sri Ravishankar also reached the venue and addressed the gathering of the activsits.

RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has said that if Anna Hazare is forcibly removed from Ramlila Maidan Anna Hazare will stop drinking water too, As of now the Fight against Corruption is historic in itself as till date so much of peoples support was never seen across all works of life and it is not just a support of Jan Lokpal Bill alone but the frustration of the common man against corruption, but this stand must not only restrict to just support of Anna Hazare but also put in practice by every citizen of this country.

In another incident to prove that India Against Corruption Movement is justified by opposing an overall corruption scenario, Dy Sp of Mira-Bhayander, Sambhatvad was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Beaureau today afternoon for accepting a bribe of Rupees 4 lakhs, he was arrested on the tip of Ex-Mayor, interestingly the Ex-Mayor himself was arrested once by ACB for demanding a Bribe .

Its a call to everyone across the country, if you see something wrong dont be a mute spectator, you can make a difference by reporting corruption, those who are corrupt are part of our daily life, we may be knowing them but in an overall scenario it will effect our lives in a big way. The way the protests have been seen till now, howmany of us standup and speak and expose those who are corrupt, very few !!! why ? No one wants to get in to a trouble of  Police station, Court matters, but due to that some one might lose his life due to their wrong doings, A poor person who cannot afford fees for his child and he is made to pay a Donation for his Childs admission.

In an overall scenario it seems that the Congress or the UPA Government has failed to understand the mood of the Nation.According to the poll results conducted by RTI Activist News for determining if the Jan Lokpal bill is the only solution to root out corruption, as  of now 75 % of the Countrymen feel that the Jan Lokpal is the only way out to Curb Corruption, do caste your vote on the same.

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