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Anna Likely To Break Fast Tomorrow, If Government Passes A Resolution For A Strong Lokpal Bill.

26 August 2011 No Comment

In a positive development finally it is coming out that Anna Hazare may break his fast if the Government brings in a resolution for a strong Lokpal Bill in Parliament tomorrow, but still the 3 conditions laid down by Anna Hazare do remain:

  1. Bringing the Lower bureaucracy under the ambit of Lokpal
  2. Lokayukta’s in all states to have powers of Lokpal
  3. Citizens charter in all government offices

leaving these aside most of the other issues seem to have been resolved between India Against Corruption Movement and the Government, the demand for bringing Higher Judiciary under the ambit of Lokpal has been replaced with bringing in a new bill where the higher Judiciary and a authority which will not come under the Politicians.

But there have been dramatic turn arounds in behavior on the Governments side aswell to cool off the temperatures in team Anna Camp, Manish Tewari the congress man who was quite vocal in critcizing Anna Hazare and had also questioned his integrity has apologized to Anna Hazare for targetting his image and making personal remarks.

RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has said that they havent heard from the Government yet, but so far it seems that things are coming under control and both sides have moved forward from there tough stances, Moreover in there meeting with BJP leaders team Anna Members have also agreed that what ever has to be done on the Lokpal issue has to be under the Constitution of India and they would not demand anything which cannot be sufficed or done under it.

Meanwhile Anna Hazares fast is entering its 11th day today and he has lost 6kgs already, taking in to consideration his age even the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh appealed to Anna Hazare in the parliament to call of his fast, he also assured that they will work and make a strong Lokpal out of all the available Lokpal Bill drafts received by them a statement which was already made earlier too but the tensions were too high then and the pressure seems to have eased on both sides specially the Government who was almost brought down to its knees but still pretended to be standing tall with their Wild comments and Tantrums shown through kind of comments being passed out on the Lokpal Bill.

We at RTI Activist News hope that Anna Hazare will call off his fast today after the resolution is passed in the parliament for a strong Lokpal Bill.

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