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Anna Hazare’s Health Deteriorates, Government In A Huddle To Resolve The Crisis .

24 August 2011 No Comment

As Anna Hazare’s fast enters its 9th day today, yesterday he was checked by the Medical team who gave a statement that his vital health condition is deteriorating and he needs to be admitted to hospital or atleast be put on a drip.



But the Doctors advice was refused by Anna Hazare, who in his brief speech to the crowds at Ramlila said ” His heart says not to be afraid of death, if one Anna dies there are so many Anna’s standing to take his place across the country, he also told his supporters that if any attempt made by the Government to take him to the Hospital should be averted peacefully by those on ground.”

On the other hand Prime Minster Manmohan Singh had written a letter to Anna Hazare requesting him to call of his fast, the government is already in huddles of meeting, yesterday night there was CCPA meeting which discussed the deadlock situation on the Jan Lokpal bill issue, today an all party meet has been called which many believe should clear some air as to what is going to be the outcome.

The Government has also hinted that it will extend the current session or call for a special session of the parliament and bring the bill in it, these all are signs that the Government is not able to wade out of the storm created by the “India Against Corruption Movement” lead by Anna Hazare. RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal also hinted that they are ready to move forward if the Government is willing to do so but unless they have a concrete assurance in the form of a letter assuring that the bill will be passed in this session they will not budge from their stand.

The differences seem to be reducing to on the bill except a few i.e. on the issue of higher Judiciary a seperate bill will be introduced for which team Anna also is agreeing. Bringing the PM under the ambit of Lokpal bill and a separate lokpal for the states and Citizens Charter for all Government offices which will chart out responsiblities of all the officers concerned and time frame for completing the assigned works, incase of failiure on completing the deadline they need to be accountable and fined, Conduct of MP’s in Parliament and bringing the Lokayukta under the Lokpal Bill and bringing the Anti-corruption wing of CBI under the Lokpal bill.


Although no breakthrough has come out but Team Anna was upbeat by the appointment of Pranab Mukherjee as a mediator, meanwhile when the opposition party started facing heat in the form of protests outside their MP’s residences they have got in to a sticky situation too finally the Political deadlock seems to be coming closer to find out a solution, we all pray for the 74 year old Gandhian, maybe some of his demands may have been felt unreasonable but his attempt is bearing fruits. Kiran Bedi in here latest tweet on Twitter has written “Anna will read every word of the written agreement when it comes. Rest assured anna is not going to take any chances at all.”

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