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Anna Hazare’s Fast In Mumbai……Protest Or Show Of Strength ?

26 December 2011 One Comment

Social Activist and Gandhian Anna Hazare is all set to reach Mumbai Today afternoon from his village Ralengan Siddhi for a 3 days fast in the MMRDA Ground in Mumbai starting from the 27th of December, The cadres of IAC are busy in preparations in Mumbai for the upcoming Showdown with the Government , this time in Mumbai. Although RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has said in the media said that team Anna is ready to discuss and draw a consensus on the Lokpal bill, but the Congress seems to be in different mood at least for now, with already a dictate of no more bending in front of Team Anna from the UPA chairperson Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, it seems the war of words is heading towards a showdown.

Its to be noted that more than 1 lakh people have already registered for the Jail Bharo Andolan call given by IAC (INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION) the number of registrants is estimated to increase to a whopping 2 lakh figure, but how many of them will actually get out and give out self arrest is to be seen as moreover details for how to give Court arrest is yet to come from IAC.

Yesterday the poll dates were announced by the Chief Election Commissioner who meanwhile also cautioned team Anna , not to get on the wrong side of the law, this warning comes in the wake of Team Anna stating that they will campaign against the Congress in the coming Elections.

Although on certain issues on Jan Lokpal Bill many people feel that the Government has tabled a weak bill, but a section of people also feel that the Government should be given a chance to actually implement it with a clause of modification in it which  can be done after actual implementation glitches are seen, which Team Anna is against.

So for now it seems that the UPA has again another battle to fight, as cornering team Anna is easy but what about the lakhs of people who have been with Team Anna on the Issue of Jan Lokpal Bill, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra ” Prithiviraj Chauhan” also has a daunting task on him with Anna Hazare’s protest in Mumbai, as the entire focus has shifted on Mumbai this time and the world will be sharply eyeing the progress and happenings in Mumbai of the planned agitation and Jail Bharo Andolan , Moreover it is also believed that there are protests going to be held against team Anna aswell !!! by few political parties,  its to be noted that Shiv Sena has out rightly denied the Jan Lokpal bill itself, but its doubtful if they will participate in opposing them.

It seems that the Government is caught on a sticky wicket where any wrong moves against team Anna will prove to be a costly for them, which the Government would like to avoid, but the Jail Bharo Andolan can take a ugly turn if anything untoward happens to the Protestors. So caution is the word for everyone right now.

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  • Habibi said:

    bhrastachar virodhi es muhim me ham sabhi desh vaisho ko shree anna hajare sahab ka tan man our dhan se sahyog karna ham sabhi desh vashiyo ka parm kartvay haisabhi desh vashiyo se nivedan hai ki jis shanti purvak tarike se abhi tak andolan chala hai usi santi ko kayam rakhte huye andolan ko our prabhavi banana sabhi ka krtvay kaibharat mata ki jaianna hajare jindabadjai hind jai bharatjogsingh m solanki