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Anna Hazare’s Fast And Public Outcry Forcing Government To Soften Its Stand.

23 August 2011 One Comment

The continues outcry of the people across the nation and the fasting 74 year old Anna Hazare has left no option for the Government but to search for solution to break the deadlock, and it seems both sides are inching towards a possible compromise on the issues which were not being considered earlier.


RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has become a thorn for the Government as any move of the Government to speak to Anna Hazare alone was out rightly rejected by him, the other team members Kiran Bedi, Shanti Bhushan, Manish Sisodia have taken a similar stand but Arvind Kejriwal has been quite vocal on it.

Roping in negotiators from Maharashtra as well did not work for the Government but it seems now that a new agenda is being worked out and both sides are ready to talk, with thousands of people fasting across the country and with agitations and peace marches happening the government is in a tizzy.

Yesterday too there were Protests in Banglore, Chennai, pune, Hyderabad and various other cities including Mumbai and Delhi but the protests were not just restricted to the metro cities but across the Nation, as per call of Anna Hazare people across the country had started going to the residences of their respective MP’s (Member of Parliament) and protests were held outside their residences too.

Moreover few Congress MP’s adopting a flexible stand on India against Corruption Movement and presenting the Jan Lokpal bill is also seen as a sign of showing that the Government is ready to move forward from the deadlock, but if at all it is a game plan worked out by the bigwigs within the UPA or its a actual step ahead will be only understood once the outcome is seen. So for time being the situation remains the same for all the protestors.

It has become a embarrassing situation for the Government, as world over their have been protests in support of Anna Hazare which has brought the 74 year old to be compared with Mahatma Gandhi, that is what has hurt the image of the UPA government and the only option to recover from this is to break the deadlock and bring Team Anna to the talking table.

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  • Vikram said:

    The most important thing to be noted in this protest is the number that have come out to the roads to support this movement.

    I feel this is the result of Anna and teams honesty, dedication, and sincerity to the work they do.
    And most of all, they tried to keep every discussion with the government transparent to the General Public through different medias.

    Here, people are fully aware of why they are going to protest and what they want from the government elected by themselves.

    ~Proud supporter