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Anna Hazare On His Way To Ramlila Maidan : Protests Increase Across The Nation

19 August 2011 No Comment

Anna Hazare is already on his way to Ramlila Maidan and as informed from the prison in the video which he recorded from the prison Team Anna is in no mood to let the Government loose now.As per team Anna now if the Government does not bring in a strong Lokpal Bill the protests will continue.

It seems now that putting Anna Hazare behind the bars has proved more expensive for the UPA Government and hit the sentiments of the people more, already the protests have taken a massive look, yesterday the mumbai local trains motormen joined the protests, and today the Dabbawala’s of Mumbai have pledged their support and have on taken a leave of delivering food to their customers, Increasingly the support is going on getting the support from the Common Man who even those who are not pledging their support for the Jan Lokpal bill have joined the tirade against the India Against Corruption Movement.

Protests march are being held continuously across India,In  mumbai today at 6 pm there is a peace march starting from Dadar 5 Gardens Police station and on Sunday there is mute peace march in Kalyan. These protests will show their results in the coming corporator elections too, as if the youth brigade comes out to vote this time all the political parties are going to have a major setback ready for themselves. It may be any party but in the Loksabha even the BJP which is pledging its support to Anna Hazare’s movement and had condemned the arrest of him have actually said no to his clauses, so the policy of the political parties is still the same, show support and back out where the actual support is needed.

In all this it seems time and again people forget that the RTI Activists and crusaders who have been doing the dirty job of exposing the corrupt and who are the actual whistle blowers they still are at the mercy of the corrupt to get killed !!! as the whistle blowers bill is still a far reality.

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