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Anna Hazare Hints At A Political Angle : Jan Lokpal Party Coming Up ?

14 September 2011 No Comment

(From the Editors Desk ) As hinted out by RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao, Anna Hazare has given a hint that they will rallying behind Non Corrupt parties and supporting them and also hinted out that he will be campaining against Corrupt Politicians during the forth coming election, but where will this lead ?

If we refer to our earlier News article on 19th August Is a Jan Lokpal Party In Formation, Along With A New Breed Of Netas ? Krishnaraj Rao had already hinted the formation of a New party called “Jan Lokpal party” !!! So its not surprising at all, Anna Hazare’s statement that they will campaign and support Non Congress and Non BJP  party is uneasy to gulp down….why ? Today all the political parties have some way or the other a tag of corruption labeled on them due to someone in their camps, and the newly formed parties who publicize themselves as non-corrupt; have failed to garner support on the grass root level and when it comes down to garnering votes during election they have failed. So who will Anna Hazare and team support ? As non of the parties declare their source of funding completely….. so the factor of black money is persistent across all party lines even if everyone is denying it.

Anna Hazare has also said that he does not want Kiran Bedi and RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal to have Political caps on them !! as it will send out an impression that the entire agitation by team Anna was for formation of a political party or entering Politics ….. So what is going to happen now ? Knowingly or unknowingly Team Anna is very soon expected to be seen as a political camp, its not bad either, till the time they stick to their agenda and bring down the heavy weights in elections, but as Anna Hazare had said ” People in this country vote without their senses, they vote for Money and Alcohol and if I stand for elections I will even lose  my security deposit”

If Anna Hazare thinks that the countrymen don’t vote with a sense and those few who vote; barring a few exceptions are voting for Alcohol and Money, Is he wrong ? How many of us go for casting our Vote during elections, what is the percentage of voting we have in all elections an average of 45 % or 55% maximum !!! everyone says that the Anna Hazare movement was a middle class movement, how many of the middle class people step out and vote ? and those few who can vote and make a difference don’t get either their Voter Id cards and are made to run pillar to post for mistakes in their names in the List !!!, So its a vicious circle which is existing or can be said as tailor made , Pointing to a fact; that even after 64years of Independence our election commission cant ensure every voters name is included in the list and Voter Id’s are made and given without mistakes,  “Referendum” in the Constitution and Changing Colonial legislation’s are need of the hour, all these issues are also to be looked in to before thinking that new parties can get formed and win in elections.

Isn’t this ridiculous ? Every one talks of giving a boot to corruption, but when the time comes we all close our eyes and walk and rally behind politicians who are known by us for their corrupt practices, Corruption is not only Monetary, it can be anything from manipulating of records , cheating, land grabbing etc… but what do we as citizens do ? Nothing just go out and Vote because our common friend tells us No I know the candidate he is very good, he will do our work !!! and then what happens after that candidate wins a election ?….Booom all the promises or expectations or we should say Legal expectations are forgotten.

So either we decide now: are we with the thoughts which the India against corruption movement supported or we are rallying behind a person blindly? with faith on one person we can again make decisions which can back fire on us. These are experienced by all our country men, so if a Jan Lokpal Party is in formation ….would you vote for an Arvind Kejriwal or Kiran Bedi or a Manish Sisodia ? Think !!!, If there is a single doubt in your mind that means the entire campaign of Anti-Corruption has gone down the drain, Don’t let others run your mind use your own, as the future of the country is decided by everyones Vote. Who everyone votes for is a totally personal reason but make a effort to go out, stand in the que and cast your vote, as things will not change by screaming VANDE MATARAM OR BHARAT MATA KI JAI OR MAI BHI ANNA , it will only change when we Indians change our thought perception.

Jai Hind

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