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Anna Hazare Ends His Fast Today…….Has The IAC Movement Suffered A Setback ?

28 December 2011 No Comment

It seems that the Ground reality is different this time in Mumbai and across the Country, the Lokpal bill got passed in the Lok Sabha and is due to come in to Rajya Sabha tomorrow, but things have changed drastically for Anna Hazare and his team, though RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal had issued a statement that they are trying to pacify Anna Hazare to leave his fast, the confirmation of the same came from Anna Hazare himself.

Even if we see the actual number of supporters who came down to MMRDA were not more than 5 or 6000 yesterday which the India against corruption said the figure was approximately 16000 who had come in, Anna Hazare who was believed to be a crowd puller could not garner support this time ? why, did the people feel that this movement against corruption is now turning movement against a political party , with a slogan of campaigning against the Congress have the people started feeling team Anna is getting involved more politically or running a campaign to malign the Congress ?

If a general view is taken of the people most of the people feel that by rushing the Government for approving the Lokpal Bill team Anna has made a mess of the support it garnered from the Common Man, Aam Admi, though it is also true that team Anna and IAC did not promote their schedule to the people unlike last time where there were sms updates, which also might have caused the lack of support in terms of crowd, even the JAIL BHARO Agitation has been called off !!!! is this because team Anna has started feeling the pressure ?

It can be only said that Team Anna has to be blamed themselves for this, A Lokpal Bill rushed in the Lok Sabha termed as weak, where  80% chances are that it might be rejected in the Rajya Sabha considering the Government does not have numbers in the Rajya Sabha and depends on like minded ones to support this bill which seems a grim reality atleast for now, today.

So as of now its a wait and watch situation for everyone in this country, A weak bill , a weak Government and now a weak IAC movement, things are looking to take a political turn, though it may not cause a setback for the Government but it certainly looks like has caused a setback to team Anna at least for now,.

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