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Anna Defiant : Let The Govt Give Us Our Jan Lokpal Bill Or Go, Govt Starts Divide And Rule Policy !!!

22 August 2011 No Comment

Anna Hazare’s fast has entered the 7th Day today but he has been defiant on the stand of the India against Corruption Movement Infact he has told the Government ” Either bring our Lokpal Bill or Go” “Hamara Bill Lana padega Nahin to Sarkar ko Jaana Padega”, but RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has said we dont want to destabilize the Government and we want the Government representatives to come here in Ramlila Maidan and talk to us.

Meanwhile Government had roped in mediators for speaking to Anna Hazare, Spiritual Guru Bhaiyyu Maharaj and UC Sarangi were roped in to speak to Anna, but things didn’t work out. Bhaiyyu Maharaj did say ; that both sides are positive and ready to talk. But in the midst of all this Congress man Kapil Sibbal has again played dirty and said the Government is ready to talk with Anna Hazare if he comes alone and not with his team. Anna Hazare is infact very dissapointed with the Government by sending in mediators to talk, Anna infact wants someone with authority from the Government to talk to them.

On the other hand the protests across the Nation i.e. Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, in  Mumbai the peace march crossed a mark of 1 lakh people, infact across the country the protestors have grown larger and larger and have started creating a panic situation within the Government, Anna Hazare has now called on the protestors to go outside the houses of the MP’s of their constituencies and protest peacefully, after the call was given by Anna Hazare protests happened outside the residences of Salman Khurshid who was greeted with black flags and even Kapil Sibbal’s residence was gheraoed, protestors have been detained, there were protests outside Sheila Dixits and Pranab Mukherjee’s residence, It seems now these protests will also go down to the level of Corporators too !!!.

Meanwhile the opposition party BJP has started playing its cards with L.K Advani calling the Government to dissolve the parliament and go to the people again for seeking a mandate, so politicians are still at playing politics,.

Corruption has been the same across all the parties and no party has been left out untouched but our political parties still play across with the sentiments of the people to their advantage. But in an overall scenario it seems that the UPA Government, specially the Congress has worked out a Divide and Rule Policy to reach ashore from this storm of Anna Hazare Movement.

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