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Accused Of His Wife’s Murder Nallasopara Resident files an RTI Application for knowing his Charge Sheet Status.

9 March 2011 No Comment

Agony turns Accused in to an RTI Activist : Subramaniam Iyer who was arrested along with his brother Hariharan for the murder of Subramaniam’s wife Subbalaxmi Iyer in March 2009,Subramaniam and his brother Hariiharan Iyer had been running from Pillar to post for knowing the status of the Charge sheet filed against  them,Subramaniam finally fed up of the Mental Agony.. firstly of losing his wife,then getting accused of Killing her and lastly not knowing the status of his case as no charge sheet was filed in the court even after 2 years has filed an Right To Information Application with the office of the Deputy Superintendent of Thane Police.

These are the details of the case as according to Subramaniam, “On 19th March 2009 My wife was Murdered by unknown persons at the time of Incident I was in my Office and my younger brother also was in his office at Nariman Point.”Subbalaxmi was found dead
in our house at Lilu Apartments in Nallasopara our two- year-old daughter Janani was
found near the body unhurt. Sub-balaxmi’s sister Anantlaxmi had discovered the body and raised suspicions over me and my Brother “Following the accusation, a murder case was registered against us and we were arrested and subjected to third degree torture to
make us confess” Iyer alleged.

Subramaniam’s sister in law had Came with her mother on the same day at 2.00 P.M.
She suspected Subramaniam and his younger brother to have killed her Elder Sister.
The Police arrested Subramaniam and his Younger brother at the same day. But they didn’t proceed the court with in 48 hrs. After 6 days they were produced in the Court Why? The FIR was also prepared after two days. Why ? Both the Brothers were taken in to Custody for questioning,Immediately after their arrest Subramaniam’s sister in law left for Australia !!On what basis was her complaint taken against them as Accused’s is still a mystery for them.

On the fatal day of his wife’s Murder Both the brothers were in their Respective Offices.A confirmation letter stating the same was also given by their respective Companies confirming their presence in the office,even the Footage of the CC TV cameras installed in their offices were checked by the Police and they were found to be present in the same.

After 19th March the complainant his Sister In Law Ananth Laxmi did not follow the case. Why? Subramaniam states “Subulaxmi was a very Reserved and  a Shy lady who would never open the Safety door to any unknown person . we don’t have even one relative from our side in Maharashtra,the only people who visited my house in a week twice or thrice were my Mother in law, Sister in Law and  Father in law, I doubt because of a Property dispute between the sisters & her younger sister’s love affair issue my wife was killed. On the fatal day of my wife’s murder even the Building Watchman also left some where between the incident time.But no suspicions were raised on him”.

Because of the case both the brothers have lost 20 years services,they were granted bail in 2009 on grounds that there was no strong evidence linking them to the murder and  their employers vouched for their presence in office on the day of the crime.
“The court granted us bail, the complainant has left the state and is not following the investigation but our lives have been ruined.
We lost our jobs as our employers did not want to have murder accused on their payroll. The society looks at us with suspicion and this will not end unless the police clears our names and arrests the real killer.
The Deputy Superintendent of Police (Thane Rural)  Deepak Devraj has confirmed that office has received a copy of the RTI application and he has asked the officials from the
Nalasopara police station to study the files and prepare a report. The case will be reviewed
through the documents again and a reply will be prepared.

Subramaniam states “The persons who leveled allegations against us and lodged complaint against us are not even keeping track of this case as to what has become of their complaints. All those accusing relatives have shifted their base to foreign countries and native place. One who lodged complaint against us is well settled at Australia.
It is humbly urged to your good selves to kindly accept our request and take up this matter in your hand. We assure we will provide you all sorts of assistance as we wish to FIGHT UNTIL JUSTICE IS DONE TO US AND THE VICTIM” he ends.

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