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64 Years Of Independence ? Governments Moves On Jan Lokpal Bill A Betrayal !!!

14 August 2011 No Comment

Its not just RTI Activists, or India Against Corruption Movement which feels that the Government has betrayed them, but its the Common man of the country who feels betrayed on the issue of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

No body would have felt this, if the Government Digniteries who were involved in discussing the Jan Lokpal Bill drafting with the civil society members had tabled the draft of the civil society also in the Loksabha along with their own draft, but that did not happen, it was already known that the calling of Civil society members to the table was a farce and diplomatic or we should say Political move to get the attention out from the minds of the citizens of this country.

More over when the Prime Minister says “He does not cater to greivences and they should be diverted to competent Authorities !!! he is right !!” , as a Prime Minister of the Country he does not have just one work and one person to take care of……Anna Hazare and his team, the Prime Minister is already burdened with the headaches given to him by his previous Ministers who are currently behind so called bars for a limited time !!! for siphoning off public money and filling their own pockets.

With a hanging Parliamentary result and a Alliance Government to lead what else can you expect from the Prime Minister of this country, If the ruling coalition Ministers were not enough the opposition parties also got their head hanging in shame with charges of corruption being put on one of their own brave hearted Chief Minister…..Thats why the common man was saying “Gali Gali mein shor hai…….Mera Neta Chor Hai !! “

If what happened before was a farce, what is happening now is more of painful, A conditional Fast ultimatum or Notice has been issued to the Civil Society, first by not allowing them to Fast at Jantar Mantar and next a Permission given for fasting for 3 days, Is the Government Machinery in its senses, what will they do tomorrow if the entire country stages a walkout from their offices or does not attend , you can make Government Servants work by threats or force but you cant make the common man to work forcibally, because he who strives for his daily bread and butter and makes a earning for himself and his company or Bosses, will inflict indirectly the loss to himself and a bigger loss to his company, it will be of this country !!! and why will that happen ?  because the common man has got fed up of the lectures of the so called Democratic values, which exist on paper but in practicallity are missing.

We dont say that we dont belive in our Democratic Values and our Constitution, but with time there are ammendments which are needed to our Constitution aswell. A strong Jan Lokpal bill is enough to create a Tsunami in the Lives of the Corrupt Babus who will be nailed in their head if the charges are proved with the Jan Lokpal Bill in place, but the Government thought it other wise.

If Anna Hazare feels the Government has betrayed and its a shameful moment for us on the eve of our Independence Day its not just him alone, its the sentiment prevailing in the entire country, howmany of us have not suffered by not paying a bribe and have finally come down on our knees and given in to the demands of Bribe ? a majority, there are exceptions to this but the percentage of exception is 1% in this country, we still pray that sense prevails in the Governments Policy makers and they think and choose the values which are for the betterment of this country.

RTI Activist News stands by with the views of India Against Corruption movement, we have been and will continue to publish and publicize and garner support for this Movement, A struggle for Independent India for freedom….. from the clutches of Corruption. If we come of use even 1% of the efforts in this movement, we will feel that we have done justice to ourself as an Indian.


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