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Campa Cola Society, Supreme Court Stays Demolition Till May 31st, 2014 – Sigh Of Relief For Residents

13 November 2013 No Comment

Campa Cola residents protest against Demolition squad.

The Supreme Court taking a suo moto cognizance of media reports on demolition of the Campa Coloa building has stayed the action and ordered the BMC to delay the demolition till May 31, 2014. The court  has also ordered the BMC to take action against the builders. Residents were seen celebrating after news of the stay came in.

Seven high-rise buildings of Campa Cola Housing society were constructed between 1981 and 1989. The Builders had permission for only 6 floors but the 2 buildings in the compound Midtown and Orchid has construction of 20 and 17 floors respectively. Earlier today morning the BMC Staff with the help of Police Broke down the main gate of the Society to take action.
The details  of Campa Cola Buildings are Shocking The builders of the society – PSB Construction, Yusuf Patel and BK Gupta – were granted permission to construct the residential towers of not more than five floors.They, however, went ahead and flouted the norms by constructing 35 illegal floors.
The apartments were constructed on land leased to Pure Drinks Ltd in 1955, which was permitted by BMC in 1980 to develop for residential purpose. However, without getting the plans approved, Pure Drink along with the builders erected seven buildings, two of which were high-rise buildings of 17 and 20 floors. During the construction period, authorities issued notices to the builders to stop work.The builders were fined and they paid the penalty and resumed work. After the construction was completed nobody prevented buyers from occupying the apartments. The residents have claimed that they were not aware of these violations and thought they would get occupation certificates in due course.
The opposition Shiv Sena which heads the civic body and the ruling Congress are both cautious about skirting court orders. Families living in the compound had pinned their hopes on Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan stepping in and saving their homes by passing an ordinance to regularize their flats but the Chief Minister has ruled out that possibility stating it will set a wrong precedent and said they have seen the effect of wrong ordinance, which was issued by the Centre to save politicians with criminal backgrounds and fears a backlash if a call is taken on an ordinance to regularize the Illegal Construction moreover only 1 illegal construction cannot be regularized the ordinance if it comes in to effect will regularize all illegal constructions from 2005 onwards.
The Political Parties too have taken a sigh of relief as the hopes of losing Voter Confidence specially of the middle class was at stake, But still if the Political parties do not find out a early solution they are still going to feel the heat in the upcoming elections as people across the Financial City feel the Stay will be used as a ploy by the Political parties to lure voters and post elections they will be back to the same state.

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